Have you ever been driving along and saw a roadside cross and wondered what happened there? What was the name of the person who lost their life? Who is the precious person who lost their life too soon?

This website is intended to give a living tribute to those who have lost their lives along the roads and highways across the world. Families and loved ones take great care to maintain these memorials and now there is a place online to give a face to the name who was lost.

These roadside memorials cry out to the public each and everyday to passersby “Please don’t forget my loved one”.

This site is meant to bring hope, healing, and connection to families and loved ones who have lost their children, spouses, friends, sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents… the list goes on and on. Use this site to begin the healing process – whether your loved one was lost 30 years ago or yesterday. Giving them a loving, living, and lasting tribute will start the healing process you so desperately need in your own life.

With hope and love,

Jenny Jacobs


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